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Rest in peace Enzo Calzaghe

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Topic: Rest in peace Enzo Calzaghe
Posted By: LLANDRE
Subject: Rest in peace Enzo Calzaghe
Date Posted: 17 September 2018 at 3:45pm
Enzo Calzaghe father of Jo has passed away. A great servant to boxing and Welsh Sport.   A big character.

West is Best (Fin gwybod)

Posted By: aber-fan
Date Posted: 17 September 2018 at 6:10pm
Originally posted by LLANDRE LLANDRE wrote:

Enzo Calzaghe father of Jo has passed away. A great servant to boxing and Welsh Sport.   A big character.

Indeed - amazingly, despite having no experience, he coached three world champions - son Joe, Gavin Rees and Enzo Maccarinelli, as pointed out here:" rel="nofollow -

I share no-one's ideas. I have my own.
(Ivan Turgenev)

Posted By: roy munster
Date Posted: 17 September 2018 at 10:40pm
A true legend and working class hero
I heard so many stories about the great man over the years, one guy who knew him said he would always drive back from Newbridge to his ancestors in Sardinia. He would bungee strap a load of stuff on his roof and as he drove back around the alps to sardinia, half his stuff would fall down off his roofrack into the rocky abyss lol sort of like the Italian job lol

They should be making a movie about him

Heres some amazing excerpts pinched off wiki, from a truly remarkable life

Early life[" rel="nofollow - edit ]

Calzaghe was born and raised in Bancali, a hamlet of" rel="nofollow - Sassari , in the Italian island of" rel="nofollow - Sardinia ." rel="nofollow - [2]  He moved at the age of two, with his family, to Bedfordshire." rel="nofollow - [2]" rel="nofollow - [3]  Whilst there he attended school alongside Hungarian-born" rel="nofollow - Joe Bugner , who would later become a European heavyweight champion boxer." rel="nofollow - [3]  Calzaghe's father taught him to box to protect himself from school bullies." rel="nofollow - [3]  The family returned to Italy when Calzaghe was 13 and whilst there he tried to make a career as a footballer - at one point he played on the same team as" rel="nofollow - Gianfranco Zola ." rel="nofollow - [3]" rel="nofollow - [2]  Calzaghe said of his early life: "Where I come from, in Sardinia, boys like me either became waiters, boxers or footballers. Well, I didn’t end up as any of them – although I’ve had a go at most"." rel="nofollow - [3]

Calzaghe played the bass guitar for his uncle's band 'Survival'. He was conscripted into the Italian Air Force at the age of 19 and immediately found a place in their Milan football team, where he spent much of the next two years." rel="nofollow - [3]  Upon completing his national service in 1969, Calzaghe decided to travel around Europe, making money as a" rel="nofollow - busker . He hitch-hiked from one city to the next for the next couple of years , often sleeping rough in city squares and phone-boxes." rel="nofollow - [2]" rel="nofollow - [4]" rel="nofollow - [3]  After being abandoned by a travelling companion ion Amsterdam he traded a his ring for passage on a tomato ship to Whitsable from where he travelled to" rel="nofollow - Bournemouth  where his aunt ran a restaurant." rel="nofollow - [2]" rel="nofollow - [5]" rel="nofollow - [4]  His aunt had sold the business to return to italy but managed to convince the new owner to take him on as an employee." rel="nofollow - [4]  Calzaghe stayed and worked at the restaurant in the day and slept there at night; in order to save up enough money to go back home to" rel="nofollow - Sardinia . He saved the cash but, when he got to" rel="nofollow - Southampton  station, the tannoy announced a train to" rel="nofollow - Cardiff  was due. In Calzaghe's words: "Sod going home, let's try Cardiff"." rel="nofollow - [4]

In Cardiff Calzaghe found work at a" rel="nofollow - Wimpy  where he fell in love with a waitress, Jackie who would become his wife just four weeks later." rel="nofollow - [4]" rel="nofollow - [2]  They moved in with his Jackie's parents in Markham before getting a house near Blackwood that was near to a boxing gym." rel="nofollow - [4]  Calzaghe was, at the time, working variously as a bus conductor and window salesman whilst also playing in bands with his brothers

Whilst in Cardiff, Calzaghe got involved in the local boxing gym and met Paul Williams, who was trainer of the" rel="nofollow - Newbridge boxing club ." rel="nofollow - [4]  Williams invited Calzaghe to bring his son" rel="nofollow - Joe Calzaghe  along as he was being bullied at school." rel="nofollow - [4]" rel="nofollow - [2]  Joe became a regular at the gym and Calzaghe became Paul's assistant trainer." Williams retired when Joe was 18 and Enzo took over the gym, which he ran until 2002." rel="nofollow - [4]" rel="nofollow - [2]  Calzaghe has also won 'Coach of the Year' at the BBC Sports Personality awards," rel="nofollow - The Ring magazine  trainer of the year for 2007," rel="nofollow - [6]  and the" rel="nofollow - Futch–Condon Award , awarded by the Boxing Writers Association of America, for Trainer of the Year 2007. He effectively retired from coaching in 2008, though his gym continued

A special ceremony was arranged for Calzaghe to be awarded an" rel="nofollow - MBE  in" rel="nofollow - Ystrad Mynach ," rel="nofollow - Caerphilly  in 2010, presented by the Lord Lieutenant of Gwent, Simon Boyle, because Calzaghe was unable to attend the ceremony at" rel="nofollow - Buckingham Palace" rel="nofollow - [7]  A bridge has been named in honour of Enzo and Joe in their home town of Newbridge." rel="nofollow - [2]  As well as Joe, Enzo had two daughters named Sonia and Melissa." rel="nofollow - [2]  He died on 17 September 2018, after a series of rumours regarding his health and false reports of his death on the preceding days" rel="nofollow">Wales" rel="nofollow - Joe Calzaghe" rel="nofollow - Super-Middleweight  and" rel="nofollow - Light Heavyweight" rel="nofollow - BBBofC ," rel="nofollow - WBO ," rel="nofollow - WBA ," rel="nofollow - WBC  and" rel="nofollow - IBF  Super-Middleweight belts." rel="nofollow - The Ring  Light-Heavyweight belt." rel="nofollow - [9]" rel="nofollow">Wales" rel="nofollow">Italy" rel="nofollow - Enzo Maccarinelli" rel="nofollow - Cruiserweight" rel="nofollow - WBU , WBO, and" rel="nofollow - EBU  belts." rel="nofollow - [9]" rel="nofollow">Wales" rel="nofollow - Gavin Rees" rel="nofollow - Featherweight  -" rel="nofollow - Light Welterweight WBO Inter-continental Featherweight, BBBoC Lightweight belt. WBA Light-Welterweight World Champion." rel="nofollow - [9]" rel="nofollow">Wales" rel="nofollow - Nathan Cleverly Light-Heavyweight" rel="nofollow - Commonwealth , BBBoC, EBU, WBO" rel="nofollow - [5]" rel="nofollow">Wales" rel="nofollow - Bradley Pryce" rel="nofollow - Super-Featherweight  -" rel="nofollow - Light-Middleweight WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight title, BBBoC Welterweight, WBU Light-Middleweight, Commonwealth Light-Middleweight,


Posted By: aber-fan
Date Posted: 18 September 2018 at 2:09pm
Thanks, Roy - a very interesting person. I didn't know most of what you posted.

I share no-one's ideas. I have my own.
(Ivan Turgenev)

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